The Two Most Recommended Foods for Your Dog

small dog

People are increasingly aware of the hidden dangers of dog food purchased in stores nowadays. Everyone must want the best for their dogs. It can be the reason why we need to be more careful in choosing their foods. There are many differences in food types depend on your dog kinds. I have experience selecting the food for small dogs for those who want to feed your small dogs. Like many people, we have a very small budget, and buying the best food I could afford was the lowest price. So if you’re looking for the right food for small dogs, keep reading.


One day I met a friend who works with animals by default and asked her if the new one I was hoping to feed my puppy was okay. The ingredients didn’t seem to be anything she couldn’t swallow. My friend made me realize that this kind of food was the worst I could give him. I felt terrible. He explained that there were red dyes and dirty chicken meal and a lot of stuffing in the house. No wonder my new puppy didn’t like it. He could probably smell every horrible ingredient inside.

Then I went shopping and bought a holistic brand that was offered to me at an excellent price. He didn’t eat them! There was no way I could spend that much to feed my puppy, hire a loved one, and a home to take care of him, so I started researching how I could prepare my dog food that would be delicious.

Meat Loaf

That week, the grocery store had a big meat sale on the planet. This recipe is very simple and consists of vegetables and meat. This recipe can be very healthy for your dogs. The ingredients include grated veggies, ground beef, eggs, oatmeal, flax seeds, and don’t forget the cheese. You can decide which veggie you want to add.

These are the instructions to create it. Put some butter in two pans of meatloaf and add the ingredients in the pans. Note: Remember that wild dogs eat raw meat. There is no need to cook the meat completely. I cut it into 24 portions. I put waxed paper between each piece, put it in a large zippered bag, and then took it out of the freezer. I take it out three or four more times and put it in the freezer to be ready for your baby every day.feed the dog

Chicken & Veggie

Chicken breast also one of the best food for your dogs. You just need to heat it in the oven. Once the chicken is cooked, dip it in small pieces, mix it with the vegetables, but make sure there is much more meat than vegetables and feed it to the ideal area for your puppy.

What is the size of excellent service?
It is the formula for measuring that “weight of your dog x 16 oz = ___”. Take this y amount of .02 to find the minimum daily amount, or x beam of .03 to find the maximum daily amount.

A little reminder for you all, don’t forget to give your puppy more calcium and omega oils to feed them. It can be sourced from a whole or half a sardine every day (depending on the size). When feeding your pet, remember that it needs food. Every pet has something to do with cancer. Every dog will have different impacts on their food. Take care of your puppy and analyze what kind of food they like best. Last note for you, when there are flatulence and swelling, it’s usually broccoli.