Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has got many uses in the home set up. Below are some benefits of apple cider vinegar.

A household sanitizer

This vinegar has antibacterial properties. More to that it has a balanced Ph. making it the best cleaning product. A mixture can be made by mixing half a bottle of water with half a bottle of the vinegar. This mixture can be sprayed on windows and counters for cleaning purposes. It can also be used to sanitize phones and computers and also making them shiny.drink

Gets rid of fleas

When you have pets, fleas will invade your home. The good news is that the fleas can be gotten rid of by using apple cider vinegar. The vinegar is mixed with equal portions of water one can then soak their pet in this mixture.

Unclogging of drains

This vinegar is mixed with baking soda and poured into the drain to produce that volcano effect which unclogs your drains. This is a better natural alternative than using chemical cleaners to unclog drains.

Unsticking things

If that pair of scissors is stuck, the vinegar is used to wipe them to make them stop sticking. Water can be used, but it leads to rusting making apple cider vinegar the best choice. The vinegar can also be used to remove stickers. The stickers can be soaked in the vinegar for at least twenty minutes then scrapped off using a butter knife.

Stain removal

Vinegar can be used to remove ink stains on walls. Use the undiluted vinegar on a piece of cloth then rub till the stain disappears. It is also used to remove water stains from furniture. For the carpet, it is used to remove stains by mixing the vinegar with soil and then putting it on the stain then one can vacuum later, and the stain will be gone. It can also remove the yellow sweat stains on shirts. The vinegar is mixed with water in a portion of twelve parts of water to one portion of the vinegar. The clothes can then be soaked overnight and washed as usual.

De-mildew bath tubs and shower curtains

vinegarDue to exposure to water, the shower curtain may have some mildew growing on it. The apple cider vinegar is the perfect remover. One can toss the shower curtain in a washing machine and add a cup of the undiluted vinegar. For the bathtub, you can use undiluted vinegar to wash your bathtub to get rid of the mildew. One can also wash the toilet and the sink with this mixture. Alternatively, one can soak the bathtub, sink or toilet with the vinegar then wash them thoroughly later.

De-wrinkling of clothes

One can get rid of wrinkles from clothes by spraying them with vinegar and hanging them to dry. The mixture used for spraying should be mixed three portions of water to one portion of vinegar.

Home deodorizer

To get rid of strong smells, one can heat the vinegar in a saucepan for an hour. For strong smells that are persistent, one can leave bowls of undiluted vinegar in the room where the order happens to be very strong.