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The Working Of Home Pregnancy Tests


The home pregnancy test refers to the tests that are carried out in homes to establish whether a woman is pregnant or it. This is usually a urine test which tests the presence of the HCG hormone in the body of the woman. The hormone is usually produced after the fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterus. It can show a positive pregnancy test six days after fertilization has occurred. The level of the HCG then starts increasing rapidly in the body of the pregnant woman.

Information is power

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Information is indeed power, and it is more powerful when shared. Most women especially the first mothers do not know much about pregnancy issues. There is a need for women to be enlightened on the best home pregnancy tests so that they can make the right decisions on time that will be beneficial for them and their unborn baby.

How soon should the home pregnancy test be taken?

Well, one of the most common questions about the pregnancy tests, in general, is the right time to take the tests. It is recommended to take the pregnancy test five days after you miss your periods. There are, however, some people who can detect changes in their bodies even before the expected date of their next period.

Most of the home pregnancy tests are usually 99% accurate. This, however, depends on some factors like correctly following the instructions and the days in which the pregnancy is taken.

Using the home pregnancy test kit

Before using any of the home pregnancy test kits, check the expiry date which is usually indicated on the package. If you buy the home pregnancy test kit before you get pregnant to ensure that you store it properly in a place where it won’t get warm or moist.

For more accurate results, test early in the morning when the urine is concentrated. Read the instructions attached carefully since different brands of home pregnancy test kits have different instructions. There are those that require the strip to be placed in a small container whereas there are those that need a dropper to use on the strip.

Displaying the results

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The different brand of the home pregnancy test kits differs in the presentation of the results. There are some that show the blue strips while there are those that show the pink strip. The absence or presence of a strip may have a different interpretation depending on the brand used. This is why it is important to read the instructions carefully.